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ASSIGNMENT COVER SHEET Name: BARTHOLOMEW BECKER Address: 53 MASON ROAD CLACTON-ON-SEA Post code / Zip: CO16 7AW Telephone No: 07909092584 Email Address: Bart.becker@bartshealth.nhs.uk Date: 28/11/2014 Course Name: ATHE Level 6 Certificate in Healthcare Management Tutor Name: Robert Smith Assignment Name: Unit 2 Leadership and Management PLEASE NOTE: YOU SHOULD INCLUDE THIS INFORMATION with EVERY ASSIGNMENT. Leadership and Management Section 2 In order to be able to run successful businesses all companies, or organizations, need to have a team of employees who are performing to the best of their ability. Without strong leadership, employees could become lost and the work environment chaotic. Without…show more content…
The second employee has been given an opportunity to shadow the Administration Manager for 6 weeks to learn everything about their job role. After this period we have established that this employee will be deputising for the manager during their absence. As a result of those easy steps the first employee has been offered a better paid position within HR Department whilst the second, after 6 months of deputising for their manager, applied and was successfully appointed as a new Administration Manager in our Department. Another basic example of my role as a manager in motivating employees relates to an employee who stated during her annual appraisal that she is extremely demotivated and stressed because she is struggling to establish the right balance between her work and her private life. She is a single mother and she finds it difficult to be at work on time, (because of school arrangements for her son), and also she is taking too much time off to be able to spend time with her son. After consultation with HR we have agreed flexible working hours for this employee and also unpaid 30 days leave per…show more content…
After becoming an Operational Manager for my department I have been challenged with the task of finding out why the department is not achieving targets, why patients are not satisfied with received services, why employees feel demotivated and bored at work and also why there is not a good working relationship between administrative and clinical staff. After having a few team meetings and listening to individual members of staff about their experience and issues, my senior manager and I have agreed to implement new ways of working. All departmental staff have been divided and 7 working groups/teams have been created. Each team has a leader, (a member of administration staff), who became the first point of contact between our patients and the clinical team (nurses, advisors, doctors). The team lead has become responsible for managing clinical diaries, appointments, waiting time, etc. This system has changed the responsibility of administrators drastically and helped to make their job more interesting and less repetitive. Also it has helped to build better relationships with clinical

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