Case Study: Excellent Leadership

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Patrick Arakelian 10/24/2015 MGT360 Hanen Excellent Leadership During my hours studying and reviewing materials for my management class I have came across a numerous amount of successful people, in addition to many diverse characteristics to exemplify ideal management skills. Respectively, I came across several leaders and CEO’S who both stunned me and overwhelmed me with their techniques they used. However, none other than Tony Hsieh CEO of Zappos had me intimidated the way he did. For those of you who do not know what Zappos is, is an online shoe and clothing superstore that is based in Las Vegas, Nevada. At 41 years old today Tony is a man of knowledge, humbleness, respect, and most importantly a man who owns a company worth…show more content…
Distributing contentment to customers externally, as well as shopping domestically. This was the number one precedence and how they do it makes it an excellent job! To begin with, one interesting topic I came across while reading about Mr. Hsieh was the different ways he shared his leadership qualities. Hsieh’s eccentric and fanatical approach to managerial ethnicity has set him distant as a director in business and not only that but he possesses more than a few distinctiveness that demonstrate genuine headship such as authentic leadership. We can split authentic leadership into two categories; “authentic leadership can be defined in multiple ways. The intrapersonal perspective of authentic leadership focuses on the leader and characteristics like self-concept, while the interpersonal perspective defines authentic leadership as a relational process created by leaders and followers (Northouse,…show more content…
At the age 23, he was the co founder of Link Exchange, an Internet publicity cooperative, and following that a few years later sold it to Microsoft for $265 million. He shaped a speculation fund that directed him to Zappos. And doing this from the article I found he explains all of this success with one word. And that word is,” Serendipity” Serendipity as we know is, the incidence and growth of events by possibility in a happy or valuable way. Mr Hsieh states, “When I attend a conference, I am, like you, looking for takeaways. These are the "I can improve this, do a better job with that." These are important. But most of all, I am hoping for a visit from "Serendipity." Over the years, it has happened enough for me to hope for a visit (Hsieh).” Tony resembled many of the personal leadership theories. In chapter 14 it shows that Creativity is one of the traits needed for any CEO. Mr. Hsieh made the work environment fun, with different themes to work in and exciting team events that took place with that. Honesty and integrity is another trait Tony mastered. Successful leaders are trustworthy, honest, predictable, and

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