Essay On Military Leadership

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Debate on the following statements making either a proponent’s or opponent’s view:- a) An armed force performance depends upon good leadership. In the military world, leadership is defined as the “process of influencing others to accomplish a mission by providing purpose, direction and motivation”. Command is the right a person put into effect lawfully in military service over his subordinates due to his rank and assignment or position. The military organization model is a top-down organization in which every level is reporting to another higher level right up to the main leading position. The military leader relies on this technical aspect, and in turn is expected to perform his role via three categories; his specific function, his orders…show more content…
If he is unable to build the morale of the team or is not able to communicate, then the assigned task is at risk. There are incidents where the team leader could not make an effective use of his team and failed badly. To elaborate the importance of leadership in military organization, let’s put into consideration the case of Ge. Erwin Rommel, who was a famous World War II German general. He was known as a critical and successful leader in the early German achievements of the war. Apart from his politics, his role as a military leader is a classic example of how leadership was performed through people under him. Outnumbered and out resourced, yet Rommel destroyed the British Eighth Army at Gazela line by using communication, cooperation, inspiration and discipline among his people. In comparison, Adolph Hitler’s inability to perform as an effective military leader and his ill choices of not understanding logistics undid all of Rommel’s work in North Africa. Despite of the warnings from Rommel concerning the adjustment of strategy regarding the German supply in response to the change in the British army management, Adolph Hitler lacked the eye for military needs in action. Consequently it resulted in a total blunder made by Adolph Hitler in North
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