The Importance Of Food Safety

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In this part, we will discuss more about meeting food safety standards where it is a primary requirement for modernizing domestic food retail channels and high-value exports. Thus, food safety is an important issue for food producers as they seek to meet requirements in modernizing global food systems. Furthermore, preventing market disturbances like food safety incidents and assuring consumer confidence is very crucial part in food market development. Secondly, food safety risks contributed that caused burden of illness in middle-income countries. The case of Moroccan fruit and vegetable supply chain is chosen for our discussion. Food import safety in European food safety legislation and aimed to ensure that all the merchandises entering the European market comply with the same regulations that are imposed to European producers. Because European norms are somewhat, an object of controversies and complaints by developing countries arguing that their continuously importing food without safety concerns hinder their access to international market. The structural inefficiencies may make such difficulties more difficult in complying with food safety measures. Additional compliance costs constitute a burden especially for small local farmers and may reduce their participation in high safety-discerning value chains and a reduction of export…show more content…
According World Fish Centre (2005), the globalization and liberalization of the world fish trade has brought benefits and challenges for food safety. They are also been working on providing additional guidance to countries seeking to enhance their fisheries control operations. In particular, they have published “Guidelines for risk-based fish inspection” which contains valuable guidance on these matters. However, according to Al-Busaidi (2015), prevention and control strategies are essential to define the causative agents and enable effective measures to reduce their

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