Case Study: ITM 584-Legal And Ethical Issues In Information Technology

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An IT project manager is brought in to direct their team past obstacles and risks. Their role ranges from planning, monitoring, minimizing risk exposure, add value, cut costs, complete tasks on time, and avoid scope. They need to create mechanically sound plans which allow them assign tasks in steps, create a steady stream to workflow, and manage different teams. A solid leadership and communication skillset is require for such responsibilities in order for everything to function as a whole and all sub-teams to work collaboratively. The project manager should also understand how to digest information because they will be in constant contact with clients and make it a goal to satisfy any needs that may arise. (Wysocki & Kaikini, 2013) In addition…show more content…
I plan on working as a business analyst after I graduate, staying in the position for 4-5 years, getting certified through the Project Management Institute, taking on leadership positions, and then take on a project management role. Becoming a business analyst provides the opportunity to demonstrate how my expertise and continuing education qualify me to step into the industry. As an experienced employee in the service industry, academic community and professional environment, my skills grant me an exceptional ability to communicate and build relationships with colleagues and customers. I am deeply dedicated to whatever objective is assigned to me and take pride in exceeding expectations. I am also a self-starter, often pushing myself beyond traditional coursework and assignments to acquire greater skill and expertise for the benefit of my employer or

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