Common Design: Product Life Cycle: Key Concepts

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Design Common Design Common assessment task Key concepts Product life cycle: Definition: Product life cycle is the cycle through which every product goes through from introduction to withdrawal or eventual end. Meaning the steps it takes from the beginning to the end. First, the idea for a product undergoes research and development. If the idea is determined to be practical and has the potential to make money, the product will be produced, marketed and rolled out. Assuming the product becomes successful, its production will grow until the product becomes widely available. Eventually, demand for the product will decline and it will become obsolete. Design for sustainability: Definition: it is the intention to reduce or eliminate negative…show more content…
Any process that creates a finished product is consider to be a production technology. But for it to be new to be considered a new technology, it must be innovative and nothing the same as it should not have been done before. Bio-mimicry: Definition: bio mimicry is the approach to design that utilizes the elements that plants, animals, organisms have to solve modern day problems. New production materials: Definition: Terminology: Smart materials: Definition: Smart materials are have properties that react to changes in their environment. This means that one of their properties can be changed by an external condition, such as temperature, light, pressure or electricity. This change is reversible and can be repeated many times. This is good because the material can Hybrisation: Definition: Bio-plastics Definition: these are plastics that are bio degradable. Bio degradable means that when under the right conditions the microbes in the environment can break down the material and use it as a food source. Environmental context International designer Tord Boontjie Biography Tord Boontje:…show more content…
Titled ‘Happy Ever After’, this was an installation full of texture, colour and imagery A high profile project with Target in 2005 saw Boontje on USA television in his own advert surrounded by animated animals and nature. In 2007 Rizzoli dedicated a book to describing the first 10 years of Studio Tord Boontje. The start of 2015 saw Sotheby’s London stage ORIGINALS, a selling exhibition of works by Boontje and sculptor Emma Woffenden. Spread across 3 gallery spaces, the exhibition showcased his most celebrated pieces including the monumental Fig Leaf wardrobe and unique chairs from the Happy Ever After installation. Tord Boontje has worked with a range of international companies such as Shiseido, Yamaha, Hewlett Packard, Bisazza, Target, Philips, Kvadrat, Alexander McQueen, Perrier-Jouët, Nanimarquina, Artecnica, Authentics, Meta, Formani and has continued his work with Swarovski, Moroso, and Habitat. The range of products includes lighting, graphics, textiles, ceramics and

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