Case Study: Leadership Practice In Tents-R-Us?

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Topic Leadership Practice in Tents-r-Us Introduction Tents-r-Us located in Blacksburg. It is providing tents rental serving such as tents, tables, chairs, dance floors and lighting for any events like outdoor wedding parties, birthday parties, graduation parties. “It is quite difficult to run a business with insufficient knowledge and experience” (Khatri, 2012, pp. 130). Therefore, Tents-r-Us found Peter Ridge to be the entrepreneur who is the leading the business growth since 1991. And this assignment focuses on the leadership practice in Tents-r-Us in the case study. The contribution of this assignment is to outline and discuss the ways in which leadership practice in Tents-r-Us demonstrates aspects of early leadership theories and approaches;…show more content…
But he has showed heroism in his leadership style as he mentions that he “built Tents-r-Us and he will decide what happens”. Besides, his micro management and military leadership have been revealed as he manages Tents-r-Us in day to day personally and provides “strategic vision as the Managing Director” from top to bottom. The Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary described this management as “excessive control or attention to details” that Peter Ridge closely observes and controls all employees in Tents-r-Us. These management style which demonstrate his great men style in Tents-r-Us (Cronin,…show more content…
Hunt and Larson (1977) defined leadership as a subset of human behavior. As he is the entrepreneur of Tents-r-Us, he has authority, control and responsibility in various aspects of his leadership. This offered the change to Peter Ridge to closely observes and controls all aspects of this company. In this particular case scenario, Peter Ridge understand that his persuasion is not good enough and make the employees feel sad. For example, he thinks he uses autocracy to decide the plans that the employees must to follow. When he has conflict on management with his wife, he berated her in front of staff. It made the employees felt upset. So Tent-r-Us is going to employ other marketing executive from

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