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The process of inversion involves the practice of inversion therapy. It is nothing but staying upside down or at an angle with your legs, ankles and feet hanging in the air with the intention of therapeutic benefits. The human body is a very complicated structure with multiple organs to do specific functions. Among these, the Spinal cord is one of the most important structure because without it the human brain and body cannot communicate at all. The spinal cord in the human body can compress over time. This can lead to increased friction between the cords and the discs and it will eventually lead to severe back pain. In order to avoid this, we can follow some workouts which can decompress the spinal cord which can be achieved by staying in an upside-down position (inversion)…show more content…
We can use an inversion table and it will help us stand in an upside-down position or at an angle. It is extremely easy to use and there are a lot of companies in the market that manufactures inversion tables. However, people with heart diseases, high blood pressure, eye pressure are advised not to undertake inversion therapy as it can lead to some other health related issues. They should make sure to consult the doctors before doing so. Inversion therapy helps get rid of general back pain. It can also help reduce joint pressure, and also to flush some wastes from the lymphatic system. It is also helpful in blood circulation and it is good for other organs as well. Fun facts about Inversion tables • It can also help us maintain our height because while sleeping a person’s body can reduce their height by an inch or two because of the compression of their spinal cord. • Practicing inversion therapy will help us decompress the spine thus increasing the gap or space between the discs. Features of Inversion tables The most important features to look for while buying an inversion table are as follows: 1.

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