Case Study Of Tango Feries

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Opened Daily Tango fries will open their store every day from 9 am-9 pm. Variety Diverse sauces selection will be introduced every 2 months and Tango fries will also modify their Italian soda flavour as complementary with fries. Innovative In order to be effective, it is important to be innovative with consistency that should be adopted by the organisation. Innovation and marketing will guide the participants learn how to drive innovation through generating creative solutions for challenges in positioning of new product and product designing. At present time, people have more wants and various companies are willing to cater to such demand that has led to create competition, this resulted in necessitating the need for marketing and innovative…show more content…
Whereas, the company have decided that alcoholic drinks will not be sold because the major objective of the company is to offer positive and healthy lifestyle to Singaporean. Rather they will provide Italian Soda in order to complement wide flavours of fries. In order to promote lifestyle at Tango Fries, they will also offer several merchandise with different colour and their logo, this includes potato cutters, t-shirts and hats with their signature sauces, with the purpose of making their customer enjoy Tango fries at home or while shopping (West & Ibrahim, 2015). The signature sauce of Tango Fries is manufactured exclusively by Company Q, which can also be acquired but from selected merchants. Product Description Mainly Tango fries offer fries along with their unique and delicious taste dipping sauce. The major products sold at the company include: Belgian fries, corporate merchandise and Italian sodas. Company’s Belgian fries are offered in small (choose one dip), large (choosing any two dips) adding of garlic Tango (add €0.25). Belgian Fries with Tango dips can be offered with snacks or sandwiches, at present they are being offered in more than 15 flavours (Baker, 2014). Competitive…show more content…
More than 1000-2000 colour brochures will be distributed in entire shopping mall and other facilities like area eateries and in store cinemas etc. Sourcing Tango distributor ill play their in delivering fresh potatoes directly from U.K. the company also set an agreement with Company Q for manufacturing their signature sauces exclusively, and entire merchandise will be produced and printed from Tango Fries partner office in India. Sales Programs Every time Tango fries will open up their outlet, they will use same marketing mix techniques, below are the major steps that will be adopted by the company. Grand Opening All of Tango fries outlet will have outdoor signage; the signage will be maintained by different banners before launching of outlet. Point of Purchase Tray toppers will be used for explaining the philosophy and concept of Tango fries. We will be announcing future job opportunities, selling out gift certificates and probably defined franchise prospects. Direct Mail Piece A folded stand-alone piece provided in colourful and thick weight paper. All major details will be mentioned inside it, explaining menu options, locator map, prices and house of

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