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LR project performance Project performance best define as a measurement of project success against the overall objectives of the project supported by Cooke-Davies (2002), project management success is measured against the traditional gauges of performance such as completing project within time, cost, and meeting scope and quality. However, each word of the term success is meant to in this study, it encompasses the above definitions, (Jugdev and Müller’s, 2005). Moreover, the success of a project is normally stated in terms of meeting three major objectives: completion on time, completion within budget, completion at the desired level of quality or technical specification (Tukel and Rom, 2001; Xiao and Proverbs, 2003). Time, cost and quality…show more content…
Motivation best define as “the extent to which persistent effort is directed toward a goal” (Campbell, Dunnette, Lawler & Weick, 1970). However, the organization can do a variety of things to make sure that the motivational structures for project managers are as well developed and carefully executed as those for functional managers (Dunn, 2001). Job satisfaction can obviously be enhanced through appropriate motivational techniques. It is important that the organisation recognise the individual need and provide opportunities for satisfaction in order to enhance organisational performance (Nader,…show more content…
On the one hand, by a margin of almost 4 to 1, successful mid-level managers acknowledge that politics and influence are vital to performing their jobs effectively. On the other hand, by the same margins, these managers routinely affirm that the use of politics wastes company resources, is unpleasant to engage in, and is personally repugnant to them. The implications are interesting: On the one hand, managers do not like to use politics in their jobs, and yet on the other hand, they recognize that in order to successfully manage their projects, it is a vital skill to master. The political processes that characterize interactions between project managers and top managers are becoming ever more important in the success of new forms of organizations such as the project management office (Vandersluis, 2002). One solution to enhancing the project management process from the power and politics perspective is the institutionalization of an executive champion (Wreden,

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