Job Satisfaction Case Study

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Background The workers at Pacific Point Foods Ltd, subsidiary of Yamazaki Group, face numerous challenges in their work that is causing them mental and physical exhaustion. The company deals wth the handling, packing and shipping of seafood. It is hard work that is done in a cold and wet environment. But that is to be expected in such a facility. The problem occurs because the salary provided by the company does not match work expected from the employees. Also, there are not enough trained staff to handle all the work. There is a desperate need for supportive teams to hand the total amount of work. Furthermore, the job is provided on shift by shift basis and often one is given less than a 12 hours notice of their next shift time. This is…show more content…
(1968). One more time: How do you motivate employees? Harvard Business Review, pp. 52-62. —-This paper shot that people are motivated by creative and challenging work along with more job responsibility. Consequences of job dissatisfaction Notte, Jason. "The High Cost of Job Dissatisfaction." MSNMoney. MSN, n.d. Web. 16 July 2013. (-- removed HTML --) . —-This article proves that job dissatisfaction is financially harmful to an institution. So, job dissatisfaction not only makes for a unmotivated workforce, it also costs the company money. (Henne & Locke, 1985) Henne, D., & Locke, E. (1985). Job dissatisfaction: What are the consequences? International Journal of Psychology, 20(2), 221. —-The authors here find that work is a part of ones life and his/her attitude towards their life would predict their attitude towards their work. Outline 1.Introduction A. Background of the Company B. The issues touched by the report 2. Detailed analysis of the factors contributing to worker dissatisfaction Salary expectation in relation to the work done High Stress Poor working environment and

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