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As an Indonesian, we have to know what’s being happened in our world. I especially as an Indonesian youth, has to do something for my country and not only for my country but for my world also. I don’t live alone so I need the other, it means if there is something happened in our world, I have to take an action too to protect my world from the damage that cause any violent to the other or so. Nowadays, I especially feel that my world is become hotter and hotter. It comes from the carbon actually which break the atmosphere and cause the temperature become hotter. Our vehicle contains CFC (clorofluorocarbon) substance which is really dangerous and break the atmosphere. That’s why Indonesia as one of 195 states who join this agreement, need to reduce its vehicle’s. Indonesia is the number one country in the world which produced the most carbon emissions, it means that Indonesia has to reduce their vehicle soon, if not there will be no hope for the future. It’s really great that Indonesia is the part of PBB that is the world’s greatest organization. Since joining the PBB at 28 September 1950, Indonesia has been giving it aspiration to the world, neither sitting in it “safety home” but choose to move aside from it comfort zone and take in the part with the world organization. In this world organization,…show more content…
Indonesian youth nowadays has been realized the importance of preserving the environment. Actually they have been taken several real act like participating in planting a tree, against the discrimination, against vandalism, HIV, free sex ,etc. I think Indonesia is a gift from God because we, as the youth are free to voiced our voice. And I know there is other people that don’t care about what happened in the world but I do hope they will be realize someday that’s really important and if we as the youth don’t want to take an action then who will become the next generation of

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