James Dashner Survival

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In this thrilling sequel to The Maze Runner, James Dashner expertly crafts a story full of mystery, action, and excitement. After escaping the Maze (a test made by the Creators), Thomas and the Gladers (a group of boys who escaped the Maze) must make their way through the Scorch, the most ravaged part of the world, to finally gain their freedom from the Creators. Along the way, they are captured in an abandoned city, deceived by WICKED (an organization against the Glader's freedom), attacked by another group (this time girls) who have also escaped their own Maze, and lost in the desert. Is their survival possible? James Dashner's novel is sure to entertain and captivate young adult fans of The Maze Runner. James Dashner was born on November 26, 1972 in Austell, Georgia. ("James Dashner Biography; Lists of Works, Study Guides & Essays") He knew he wanted to write from a young age, and read anything he could get his hands on. ("About" James Dashner.) Originally, he attended the Brigham Young University and studied accounting, but later decided to become a professional writer. ("James Dashner Biography;…show more content…
"The mountains slowly became jagged peaks of shadow, growing taller and taller as they walked. There were no real foothills to speak of; the flat valley just stretched forward until the ground erupted towards the sky in lifeless, cold peaks" (Dashner, 254). The author uses suspense in this quote to create and describe the setting. "Glimpses of light flashed here and there in the sky, burning patches of purple and orange in the grayness. Thomas hadn't seen a single lightning bolt yet, but they were coming. The first storm had begun just like this"(Dashner, 322). The suspense in this quote is used to describe the mood of the scene. James Dashner uses suspense to create his moods and settings in the story to make the scenes more

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