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The adventurous, science fictional novel, The Maze Runner by James Dashner, had people that risked their lives for others, which showed bravery and courage. Thomas, the second to last person to arrive at the maze, is a brave, humble and courageous sixteen year old boy. According to the book Thomas says, “I couldn’t just sit there and leave you guys out here.” He went out into the maze, breaking the number one rule in the Glade, before the huge walls shut. He saw how Minho, a Runner, which are the only people are allowed to go out into the maze to map and try to find a way out, was having trouble caring Alby because he got stung by a Griever. Thomas is also characterized as a curious person. “Before Thomas had a chance to think, questions…show more content…
The only thing they can remember is their name, or so they thought. When Thomas arrived, he was told that the rest of the people in the maze have been trapped there for two years, and ever since day one the Gladers have been trying to figure out how to solve the maze. Thomas later finds out that the maze can not be solved, but there could still be a way out. He remembers that he was part in building the maze and sending people there, but he claims that he was forced into it. He also discovers that the people in the maze are named after very intelligent famous people, which means they might never known who they really are. The climax is when all of the Gladers, that have agreed to come, are fighting the Grievers. Thomas and Teresa, the only girl and last person who was sent into the maze, know the code. All of the Gladers priority is to get Thomas and Teresa in the Griever hole, which they pray is the place they can enter the code and escape. The resolution is when Tessa enters the code and all the Grievers shut down. A door, in which half the Gladers that survived enter, opens. They are taken to a place by Rescuers, told about what’s going on in the world, and are given a night to sleep

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