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SCRIPT: Summary James: Thomas, the main character, wakes up in an elevator and arrives in the glade, only to find that he has no recollection of his past. As the elevator door opens, he sees a group of boys staring down at him. He learns that they are all trapped in this glade and he has a curiosity to explore outside into the maze, which no one except the runners has ever done before. Thomas and the runners piece together the clues they found and they eventually venture out of the glade to escape. Why we think this is a romance quest narrative. Kimberly: We think the Maze Runner is a romance quest narrative because it’s a goal-driven quest that is action-oriented. Also, there are supernatural elements contained within the movie. The movie…show more content…
When Thomas gets out of the box, he realizes that he has no memories of his past. He doesn’t even remember his name at first. He meets Alby, who introduces him to the other boys, the Glade, and the Maze that exists beyond it. *show clip: 3:50 - 4:54* Initiation Kimberly: Thomas is able to cross the threshold when Minho gives him confidence by nominating Thomas as a runner during a council meeting. Despite knowing the risks that exist outside the Glade, Thomas, now an official Runner, chooses to return to the Maze again. While others are afraid of the unknown, Thomas accepts his quest and leads the other boys in finding an escape out of the living hell. He wants to find who they are up against and use that to flee from the maze itself. *show clip: 46:40 - 47:50* *show clip: 48:37* Underworld James: A mental interpretation of the underworld is the scene when Thomas goes through hell himself right after Alby wakes up from the Changing. The Changing is when one goes through an excruciating recovery that involves recovering bits of their memories back. When Alby awakens from the chaos, he blames Thomas for making the boys go through all of this. This is same thing that Gally says and puts Thomas in a rather confused and frustrated

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