The Maze Runner Analytical Essay

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Summary Paragraph The Maze Runner by James Dashner is the story of how a boy named Thomas tries to bring the Gladers, boys who live in an evil experiment against their will just like him, out of the monstrous Maze that surrounds their makeshift home. Set in 2232 in a post-apocalyptic world ended by an event known as the Flare, a research team by the name of WICKED has placed over sixty boys in a maze over the past two years. Thomas, a sixteen year-old boy, is one of the last to be put in the maze. He tells the story of the Glade and places it upon himself to be the salvation the Gladers are looking for. Shortly after Thomas arrives, a girl named Theresa, the first girl ever sent to the Glade by the Creators, or the people of WICKED. Upon Theresa’s…show more content…
We needed to shock their systems, see their responses...The mission of WICKED is to serve and preserve humanity, no matter the cost. We are, indeed, ‘good’” (373, 374). Discussion/Essay Questions In the Epilogue, there is a memorandum of the WICKED Experiment: Stage 1 as written by the Chancellor of WICKED. Why did the Author choose to include this section of text? Did it further the plot? Will it help with introducing the second book in the series? One of the themes in this novel is Friendship. For example, Chuck did his best to be Thomas’ friend from the beginning and helped him along the way. Do you think that having friendship in awful circumstances helps cope with the events taking place or that it more so inhibits what is needed to complete the tasks at hand? Theresa is the first girl to arrive in the Glade, and with her arrival, she triggers many changes. Why do you think the author chose to use a girl to symbolize the start of change? Key Passage From Pages 93-95, Alby and the Keepers are about to banish Ben to the Maze while the Gladers are gathered, watching it all take…show more content…
‘I swear I’ll do anything! I swear I’ll never do it again! Pllllleeeeeee—’ His shrill cry was cut off by the rumbling crack of the East Door beginning to close. Sparks flew from the stone as the massive right wall slid to the left, groaning thunderously as it made its journey to close off the Glade from the Maze for the night. The ground shook beneath them, and Thomas didn’t know if he could watch what he knew was going to happen next. ‘Keepers, now!’ Alby shouted. Ben’s head snapped back as he was jerked forward, the Keepers pushing the pole toward the Maze outside the Glade. A strangling cry erupted from Ben’s throat, louder than the sounds of the closing Door. He fell to his knees, only to be jerked back to his feet by the Keeper in front, a thick guy with black hair and a snarl on his face. ‘Noooooooooo!’ Ben screamed, spit flying from his mouth as he thrashed about, tearing at the collar with his hands. But the combined strength of the Keepers was way too much, forcing the condemned boy closer and closer to the edge of the Glade, just as the right wall was almost there. ‘Noooo!’ he screamed again, and then again. He tried to plant his feet at the threshold, but it only lasted for a split second; the pole sent him into the Maze with a lurch. Soon he was fully four feet outside the Glade, jerking his body from side to side as he tried to escape his collar. The walls of the Door were only seconds from sealing

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