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The Maze Runner In the book Thomas wakes up in an elevator car with no memory except his name, he finds he is part of a community of almost 40 teen boys called "Gladers", their leader's name is Alby, co leader Newt and their lives revolve around trying to solve the Maze. Entrances to the maze automatically close at the same time every night, which protect the Glade from "Grievers", have robot half animal that attack you if you are caught outside at the wrong time. Chuck, the former "Greeni" in the compound, is assigned to Thomas to help adjust and later becomes his best friend; Thomas spends his first couple of days learning the ropes and various work positions, such as Baggers they have police, gravekeeper's, runners and sloppers the farmers and the cookers and that everybody has been working for two years trying to figure they're way out of the maze. Thomas…show more content…
Then Thomas and the other boy somehow survive after louring the grievers off a cliff when he reunited with Minho it was amazing since they were the first ones to ever survive the maze at night. The end to life in the Glade starts to happen when they all woke up one day and there was no sun. They soon realized, that they exist in a world that was simulated, Thomas soon gets ideas that the best way to solve the Maze is for him to get stung by griever and withstand the Changing and to gain back the memory that he had lost. After Thomas goes through the changing, he soon discovers that all of the boys were a part of an experiment, and they all had intelligence that was above average, he also discovered that their names weren’t really their actual names they were given names from scientist, like Alby is Albert Einstein. Thomas even remembers that him and Teresa helped think out and design the whole project but he doesn't seem to remember the reason behind it saying "he was forced to by the

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