Beowulf's Core Values

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Honor, duty, and respect; are three words that have meaning to some, and mean nothing to others. At the Citadel, a cadet must embody these principles in order to find success as a leader. To only state their definition would be ineffective unless supported with experience. What do these three words mean? Why do they matter? Our core values of Honor, Duty, and Respect if followed do not embody a principled leader. Although our core values if properly imparted on a cadet enhance his or her ability to lead; a leader is nothing without character. Therefore, the Citadel’s Core Values are evident in many leaders; however a leader could not have utilized these tenets of ethics without facing adversity in the process. Honor, the first Core Value,…show more content…
However, although adherence to the code is enforced only four years “commitment to honor extends beyond the gates of The Citadel”(Fekula 12), a cadet is obligated to uphold both moral and ethical behavior even as an alumni. Although honor is defined as a cadet, it is broader than it appears to be. Honor is not only abstaining from lying, cheating and stealing, but it includes integrity and courage. Integrity by common cadet knowledge is doing the right thing when no one is looking. Moral Courage is defined as doing the right thing when everybody is watching. However, as a cadet I find that these terms are meaningless without a leader with character that seeks to uphold the values, both moral and ethical. For example in 2011, Lance Armstrong was involved in doping scandal. Somewhere in his career he deviated from his goals and passions. Instead he chose to focus on winning and the rewards associated of which he gave up his charisma for a shortcut to win. By jeopardizing his integrity he lost everything including his 1999-2005 wins on the Tour de France. Armstrong’s shortcoming, in many sad few cases

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