The Maze Runner By James Dashner Literary Analysis

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The Maze Runner written by James Dashner is a story that is told in Thomas’s (The protagonist of the story) point of view. He arrives in the Glade with no knowledge of who he is or was. The only thing Thomas remembers his name but nothing else about his past life outside of the Glade. The fact Thomas is known around the Glade for being the only outside beginning makes it easier for him to not follow the rules, because no one really pays much attention to him at the start. Gally has hated Thomas right from the day he arrived in the Glade, Newt and Ablby just see him as the new kid who likes to ask lots of annoying questions. “He almost stopped walking altogether when he spotted Gally up ahead, arms folded and glaring, but he kept moving. It took every ounce of his willpower, but he looked directly into Gally's eyes, never breaking…show more content…
When he got to within five feet, the other boy's stare fell to the ground.” (p.144) Chuck is the only one to be friends with him right away, and that's mostly because he was an outcast himself, latching on to the new kid before he can find someone cooler. When Thomas doesn't blindly follow the rules like the other boys, it only further sets him apart. Lot’s of people don't like it when we make things different, especially those people that have worked so hard to make a strange place feel very familiar. Thomas also tries to find a lot of alone time, so that he can be alone, and not be annoyed by the rest of the boys. Whenever Thomas is really upset or is even trying to get find out some new information about himself, he likes to run to the back of the Deadheads. To make things much more worse for Thomas, people are always wanting to try and hurt Thomas. When Teresa first arrived to the Glade, she kept whispering Thomas’s name to herself, making Thomas wonder did he actually know someone from the outside world? Did Thomas and Theresa really know each other?. When Thomas

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