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Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials by James Dashner is an enticing novel that continues the Maze Runner series’ storyline, while simultaneously adding new curves and twists to the existing plotline. One of the elements of the book that differentiates it from other young adult novels is its layered yet consistently vague plot and its amount of nicknames for simple objects (including Crank, Flare, Glade, etc.). The layered plot includes multiple conflicts and obstacles occurring at different levels of intensity and frequency, whether they be internal or external. These are present throughout the book; some come and go as soon as they came, while others last the whole time, even some lingering from the previous book to the next book. Three major conflicts directly impact the characters, specifically the main character, Thomas. The…show more content…
Thomas and Teresa also shared an ability to telepathically communicate; this allowed them to speak even when far away. However, Teresa was taken from the Gladers and with Group B, the female counterparts. Since her departure, Thomas was unable to speak to Teresa telepathically, leaving Thomas to consistently worry and question what happened to her. When they finally met, Teresa completely turned against Thomas, and Thomas completely lost faith in her. Thomas, Teresa, and occasionally Aris were involved in this conflict. This is resolved after Teresa had finished her orders to mistreat Thomas, and she welcomed him back, apologized, and attempted to make peace with him. Thomas, however, was not so welcoming, and continues to mistrust Teresa, despite her pleas saying it was all an act. When Teresa finished her act and was able to speak to Thomas normally, she apologized, saying, “‘I’m so, so, so sorry. They said they’d kill you if we didn’t do everything just like they told us. No matter how horrible. I’m sorry, Tom!’” (Dashner,

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