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The book The Maze Runner by James Dashner, tells the story of a boy named Thomas who wakes up in a place known as The Glade with no recollection of how he got there, in fact the only thing he remembers is his name. When Thomas wakes up he realizes that he isn’t alone, that there are a bunch of teenage boys stuck there with no memories just like him. Thomas eventually figures out that the Glade is run by two older boys, Alby and Newt. These two keep the Glade in order with strict rules and by keeping everyone busy harvesting food and sticking to their jobs. This order needs to be maintained because without it chaos could erupt from what lies right outside the Glade, a terrifying moving Maze filled with deadly creature known as Grievers. These creatures hide away during the day but come out during the night to capture anyone left in the maze after the doors close. Runners of the Maze run the maze every day trying to solve it by running through it as fast as they can, tracking the movements of the…show more content…
Unlike the boys who arrived, the girl started mumbling strange words and passed out in a coma-like trance. That night of her arrival things in the Glade began to change, the sun disappeared, the deliveries of supplies stop coming,and the Maze doors didn’t close which allowed the Grievers to come in the Glade and pick the boys off one at a time. Due to the boys needing a way out, Thomas comes up with the idea that the Maze might not be moving randomly but be displaying a code. Thomas and the runners then plan out the Maze and discover that it is spelling out words. As Thomas begins making all of these discoveries he also realizes that the Cliff in the Maze isn’t just a cliff like all the boys believed it was. The Cliff is where all the Grievers are coming from, and if the Grievers could come in and out of the Glade as they pleased why couldn’t the boys do the same thing to

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