Why I Want To Be A Sports Therapist

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Ever since I have been little, I have always had a huge interest in sport whether it is playing, watching or just reading about it. I enjoy football the most, but I also enjoy rugby, hockey and volleyball and have represented my school in most of these sports. Not only do I enjoy participating in sport, but I also love learning about sport and how the body works when taking part in sport. This is why I chose PE at GCSE and A level as it's my favourite subject and also the subject I excel in. I have always dreamed of a career in sport and this course will give me the best chance to work in the sports industry as a sports therapist. This would allow me to put my interest in the mechanics of the human body to use, as well as helping improve any…show more content…
I am dedicated, and I will not stop until I have found a solution to any problem that I encounter. This would help me if I was I sport therapist, as I could work tirelessly to help any client to get the best out of themselves and the satisfaction of helping people is something I would really enjoy. I am also an organised person, and this is something that I pride myself on. Being organised will benefit me in the course as I will be able to keep on top of any assignments and my zealous nature will allow me to make sure that all work is completed on time and to a high standard. In my two previous schools I was elected a prefect, which was helped by my 100% attendance in Rathfriland High School and vast participation in the football, rugby and hockey teams. I also took part in our school pantomime "Cinderella" as Dandini which helped me to improve my communication skills and I now feel comfortable talking in front of crowds, something that will help me when it comes to doing presentations and any stage during the…show more content…
In order to achieve my Queen's badge, I am required to carry out 30 hours of volunteering. However, I have done almost 200 hours in the Vision Charity shop, which just shows how eager I am to do more than is expected of me. I have also carried out work experience in Dromore Leisure Centre which was really enjoyable, as I was given the opportunity to work with and organise sports equipment in a sporting environment. I put my heart and soul into everything I did while I was there, which is exactly the same as I would do when I am at university. I really enjoyed my work experience in both Dromore Leisure Centre and Vision of Good Hope, as it has allowed me to improve my communication and self-confidence. The sporting world is where I want to be and as the famous quote says "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life." This quote perfectly describes my dream of a career in

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