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Sage karp Period-F Isis was the goddess of the ancient Egyptian believes underworld. The goddess Isis portrayed as a woman, wearing a headdress shaped like a throne and with an Ankh in her hand. The ankh was one of the main symbols that represented Isis. The underworld was a place at the time of death where you would follow a series of steps to receive afterlife. Isis married her brother Osiris in which they became rulers of this underworld. Without Isis they wouldn't of came to that leadership. Isis began be be worshiped after she earned her respect from her main story of saving her husband (leader of the underworld.) "According to mythology, Osiris ruled Egypt until his jealous brother, Set, killed him. "Set then cut Osiris into…show more content…
She was a mother, a sister, a daughter, a goddess, a wife, a leader. Not only because Isis was a goddess, she taught her people many things, she was a leader. "Isis was worshipped as the ideal mother and wife as well as the patroness of nature and magic." Isis was worshipped with prayers. "Isis has been worshipped in thousands of countries by thousands of names by thousands of people since the spread of Her worship from Egypt during the Greco-Roman times. In DeTraci Regula's book Mysteries of Isis, she lists some of the followers found inscribed on temple walls." The regula's book was a book of prayers and gyms followed by many ancient…show more content…
"Her birthday was celebrated in the summer, and was called Night of the Cradle." Her birthday had its own name, and was celebrated by the ancient Egyptians. Another celebration isis represented was the celebration of the mysteries of Osiris and Isis. " Almost everyday in ancient Egypt was a holiday, but no other was greater than the celebration of the Mysteries of Isis and Osiris, which was celebrated in the fall. In preparation for the Mysteries, the festival of Lamentation was held, when a priestess with the goddess’ hieroglyph tattooed on her arm enacted the part of the mourning Isis. This festival had three days devoted toIsis’ loss and quest." This was a main holiday in ancient Egypt. Isis wasn't known for just being a sidekick to Osiris. Unlike many kings and queens, or even just man and wife, the man would always be the dominate. In this holiday both Isis and Osiris were being celebrated which gives Isis more respect out of other ancient

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