Who Is Ralph In Lord Of The Flies

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In William Golding’s novel Lord of the Flies, a group of young boys crash-land on a deserted island with no adults to direct them. The boys attempt to organize themselves by establishing something akin to a wobbly democratic government with a chief to lead and a conch shell to provide order. However, they are ultimately unable to properly sustain themselves without causing some chaos on the island. As the story progresses, one boy, Jack Merridew, decides to break away from the rest of the children and form his own tribe. He is quickly joined by the majority of the boys, leaving behind only the old chief, a boy named Ralph, and his intelligent friend Piggy. Soon enough, Jack’s tribe lashes out at Ralph and Piggy and whatever peace that had been on the island previously is shattered. William Golding was born September 19, 1911, in Saint Columb Minor, Cornwall, England. He taught English and…show more content…
In the beginning of the novel, Ralph behaves childishly and seems to be somewhat unaware of the severity of the situation that he finds himself in. He soon becomes acquainted with Piggy and stumbles upon the conch shell, which is later used as a symbol leadership among the boys. As time passes, Ralph matures and begins to involve himself in the preservation of the children by attempting to light a signal fire and build shelters. Things become more difficult for Ralph when Jack leaves to form his own tribe. Everything seems to spiral out of control rather quickly and soon only he and Piggy are the only ones not following Jack into savagery. Ralph begins to doubt himself and what leadership abilities he thought he had. The character development that Ralph undergoes is great; he hardly resembles himself as he was at the beginning of the book. Ralph becomes self-aware and practical, using what strength he has left to defy Jack and the evil that he
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