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Isis is one of the oldest goddess in history and made the biggest impression on Egypt people and other countries and cities. The most important thing is that she was the best goddess of all time. She was known as a mother for all children in Egypt. She was represented with a throne as deception of her power. Isis was the goddess of magic. She often holds a lotus well. Her head dress is an empty throne for her two absences for her husband. She was one of the most important goddess in Ancient Egypt. She is referred as the female Oris. Her worship has lasted till this day today. For the people of Egypt she was known as the “Mother-Goddess”. Isis is seen as a dutiful wife, a grieving widow, and as a protector of the dead. She was continuously traveling up and down the land in…show more content…
Isis was worshiped in every temple in the world. Isis has became one of the worlds most important goddess in the world. She did have one brother in her life. His name was Orisi. Isis brother, Orisi was jealous of her marriage with her and her husband. That was when he killed himself. Orisi, before he killed himself he planned to kill her husband.When Isis found Orisi body he was up in the highest tree in the town hanging from a branch because Orisi killed himself .She was the goddess of magic so Isis brought Orisi back to life that same day. Isis was a role model for all the women. So many people looked up to her in her life of a goddess and after she died still so many people looked up to her. Isis is still worshiped from this day on and for many more years in this life for all of the people. Her cult was spread throughout the country and the Roman Empire. Her name has many different meanings to it. To be exact her name has 1,000 meanings for it. On of the her name meanings are the “Throne”. Isis is the well known best goddess in the whole world. She was worshiped in the ancient world and the modern world that we live in now. She was known as the mother of all Egypt for

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