They Poured Fire On Us From The Sky Analysis

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Woods-McGuire, Jahlyn Professor Mercurio Political Science 101 October 19, 2014 Term Paper In the world there are many views on different subjects. In the book, They Poured Fire on Us From the Sky, the reader sees the perspective of life from 3 Sudanese refugees or Lost Boys who have experienced horrible events in their lives. The American view of life is completely different from the Lost Boys view on life. This essay will be discussing the differences in American and Lost Boys views on education, war, America, women and government. The typical American views education as essential for a successful future but question the quality and affordability of our postsecondary institutions. Higher education is believed to be crucial to land a stable job and have financial security. It has been proven that college graduates make more money than high school graduates. According to a Pew Study, “among Americans aged 25 to 32, college graduates secured $17,500 more than high school graduates” (Geewax). The demand for higher education is also rising. “In the fall 2012, total enrollment in degree granting post-secondary institution was 17.7 million an increase of 48% from 1990 ……Undergraduate…show more content…
Everywhere the lost boys get the war seems to follow. The boys first were supposed to find a safe place in Palataka. “It was the southernmost part of Sudan, away from areas where the government troops were attacking”(127). Alepho and Joseph have to escape from Palataka because they were sending boys to training as soldiers and “they always sent the boys to the front lines” (133). Right when Benson’s life as a refugee in Ethiopia was getting better, Benson had to flee again back to Sudan. Later on in the book, the lost boys are together in the safe watching of their older brother, Yier. Again war finds them again and they have to

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