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In the article, The Story of Isis and Osiris, it discusses the many supernatural wonders in ancient times. Both characters were symbolic and seen as one being good versus the evil one. Todays’ times, incest is not so prevalent. The sexual relationships with closely related people are out of touch. Although good and evil still is a part of our society, the consciousness of the mind allows people to do the right things. When Osiris was born many signs and wonders were seen and heard throughout the world. The most notable was the voice that came from the holiest shrine in the temple at Thebes on the Nile (which today is called Karnak). A man spoke who name was Pamyles, he proclaim to all men that Osiris, the good and mighty king, was born to bring joy to all the earth. Pamyles attended on the “Divine Child” and brought him up as a man among men. When Osiris was grown up he married Isis, his sister. (This was a custom, which the Pharaohs of Egypt followed ever after.) Seth, brother of Osiris, married Nephthys; for him too being a god could marry only a goddess (The Story of Isis and Osiris).…show more content…
He found the people both savage and brutish, fighting among them and killing and eating one another. But Isis discovered the grain of both wheat and barley, which grew wild over the land with the other plants and was still unknown to man; and Osiris taught them how to plant the seeds when the Nile had risen in the yearly inundation and sunk again leaving fresh fertile mud over the fields; how to tend and water the crops; how to cut the corn when it was ripe, and how to thresh the grain on the threshing floors, dry it and grind it to flour and make it into bread. He showed them also how to plant vines and make the grapes into wine; and they knew already how to brew beer out of the barley (The Story of Isis and

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