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Isis Vargas Mrs.Curcio English 9 H Period 8 Isis Isis is the Egyptian goddess of health, marriage, and wisdom. Her name can also be seen as “Aset” and “Iset”. She’s described as being a woman wearing a sheath dress, and holds an ankh in her hand. She was the first born to Geb, god of the earth and Nut, goddess of the sky. Her siblings included: Osiris, Set, Nepthys, and Haroeris. She had one son named Horus and Osiris, her brother, was the father. Isis was and still is adored all around the world. Isis was seen and spoken of in many places around the world. People in the ancient Egypt religion began worshipping her first. Later she then began being worshipped in the Roman Empire, and Greco-Roman world. Many praised her as being the ideal mother and wife, as well as being the patroness of nature and magic. Many say she’s one of the oldest goddesses and was said to be born in one of the first days of creation. She’s still worshipped today in many religious movements. In fact many stories from the bible are said to come from a few of the myths of Isis.…show more content…
Isis was called “The Lady of Ten Thousand Names,” as well as, “The One Who is All,” and, “Isis Panthea (Isis the All Goddess).” Unlike most other Egyptian goddesses, Isis spent a lot of her time with her people. She taught women how to weave, grow crops, and how to tame men and for this was adored. She then went around teaching the people of her land in upper Egypt how to read. As well as having skills in agriculture she was known as containing powers of medicine and wisdom. She was one of the most powerful goddesses known, even more powerful than Ra from whom she took his

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