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In shakespeare's Macbeth, power is a very ongoing thing. It’s like the characters in the play thrive for power. As if it’s the only thing that matters, the only thing that will ever matter. Is having control something you personally thrive? Is power to you a powerful thing? To me it’s if we’ll never really feel alive without having some type of control over something. In our mind it’s something mandatory, meaning we have to have the power to feel complete. Empowering others also brings power to us. However, in the play Macbeth, Lady Macbeth in my personal opinion, obsession with power and having control over not just things but other people shows great desire. She’s willing to do anything for it. Although Macbeth had a thing for power, it…show more content…
When he has second thoughts about killing Duncan, she will not. She is more ruthless. She cares less for the possible consequences. She never mentions anything about the possible spiritual consequences in the afterlife, as Macbeth does, for instance. And she does not care that Duncan has treated Macbeth well, or that others in the country have recently developed a respect for and liking of Macbeth, as Macbeth does. She will not change her mind about killing Duncan. This gives her an evil power over her husband and, as it turns…show more content…
They both differ in many ways. He is weak, indecisive and in my personal opinion Macbeth takes on the role of the female .She is strong, decisive, and takes on the male role. Lady Macbeth thinks being gentle is weakness. Lady Macbeth last attempt to gain power was by organizing the murder of Duncan .All Macbeth knows that he’s going to kill Duncan. He does not know exactly how to go about it. . So Lady Macbeth takes it upon herself to just go ahead and organize the whole thing. She know Macbeth will go through with anything she tells him to. . In Act II, Scene 2, Lines 1-13. Lady Macbeth has prepared for the murder: “That which hath made them drunk hath made me bold.” Lady Macbeth gets the guards drunk and set their daggers out where Macbeth can find them. All he had to do was take their dagger and stab Duncan. Which of course he did and after he did that she tells him, “Go get some water, / and was this filthy witness from your hand.” She knew how badly Macbeth wanted to be king and she played mind tricks on him just to make that happen. This takes us back to her cruel obsession with power and the extents she will got through just for a little control. She put her husband in great danger, of murdering a man. Not any man, a man who he trusted him and respected

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