The Kite Runner Essay

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The Kite Runner thrills and moves readers while telling an emotional story of betrayal and redemption. The Kite Runner was written by Khaled Hosseini in 2003. Hosseini was born in Afghanistan, moved to California at the age of fifteen, and then went back to Afghanistan for a visit as an adult. Hosseini starts his book with a foreword which provides background information that is needed to understand the work. This information on the events going on in Afghanistan at the time of the story is very helpful to the reader especially because of the book’s genre, historical drama. Historical dramas require a decent amount of historical knowledge in order to be read, so his foreword is a great addition to his work. Hosseini’s book reflects on his own life while exploring the culture of Afghans and how it has changed over time. His relation to the story makes the book very powerful and offers an understanding and empathy for the people of Afghanistan.…show more content…
Hassan’s cleft lip is a features he has as a child and it also becomes a symbol. The split in Hassan’s lip shows how the social statuses in Afghanistan are split. Hassan lives in poverty, which splits him from Amir. A cleft lip shows that he cannot pay to have the deformity fixed. Baba has a surgeon repair Hassan’s lip showing a glimpse of his secret that he is Hassan’s father. As an adult, Assef splits Amir’s lip as they fight. He learns to stand up for what is right as Hassan once did. Through this Amir’s and Hassan’s merge. Because of this, it also serves as a sign of Amir’s redemption. Another symbol is the kite as a symbol of Amir’s happiness and his guilt. Amir loves flying kites as a child because it is how he connects with Baba. But the kite takes on a different symbol when Amir does nothing while Hassan gets raped because he wants to bring the kite back to Baba. The kite is a sign of his betrayal to Hassan which in the end makes him feel
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