Structural Engineering In Civil Engineering

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Prior to attending University as a Civil Engineering student, there were plenty of natural disasters, including earthquakes, and flooding that stole human lives and left destruction and havoc for the survivors in my country, not only due to the strength of those disasters, but simply due to the weakness of our structures, including our buildings, bridges, roads and etc. I was obsessed with that immense toll in our country that was due to a simple negligence and lack of knowledge. Consequently, I consulted with our advisor in high school that was a specialist in advising students to pursue an appropriate major at university, and based on my obsession with above-mentioned disasters, my excellent scores in mathematics that all were 20 / 20,…show more content…
Edalati whose major was Structural Engineering was working on two ISI papers about Strengthening of Concrete Using FRP Materials, and needed someone to help him with modelling more than five hundred concrete beams & columns strengthened with FRP materials in different shapes and using different layers, and compare the torsional and flexural capacity of those beams and columns with and without FRP layers. When I told him about my background and was enthusiastic to work with him as a volunteer who does not expect any citation of his name in those papers, he accepted to work with me, and I did all the modeling in the best way, and I roughly did sixty percent of those papers lonely. To sum it up, the publication of those two ISI papers in a prestigious journal, the admiration of that faculty member and his willingness to collaborate with me in Structural Engineering in the future, and finally my obsession with strengthening, optimization, and damage detecting of different structures worked as catalysts for me to decide to pursue Structural Engineering at graduate school. That is, I realized that I can do my best in Structural Engineering without undergoing any difficulties, and enjoy it as a career in my whole…show more content…
Edalati, and ranked first in all those classes, and he offered me two T.A. courses in Design of Steel Structures-1 for two terms. Besides that, for the same reason, another professor named Dr. Valadi whom I had more than five technical classes with, offered me two other T.A. classes in Design of Steel Structures II, and gave me the opportunity to join his group in an experimental work for Strengthening Concrete Using Rice Chaff. Moreover, other faculty members, including Dr. Shaverdi and Dr. Azizi asked me to cooperate with them in writing ISI papers and two technical books. Ultimately, I did my Internship in a building company that was constructing a tall building, and I also worked as an Assistant Civil Engineering Supervisor and an Assistant Civil Engineering Designer in two different companies for three years. All of these Science, Research, Teaching, working and Experimental experiences that were relevant to Structural Engineering far more persuaded me, and gave me enough confidence that specializing in Structural Engineering is the best choice for me, and that is what I should follow to boost myself, my society, as well as my world in the long

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