What Does Amir Learn In The Kite Runner

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In the novel, The Kite Runner, by Khaled Hosseini, the author explains that regret is a painful thing that affects oneself and affecting others around it. The Kite Runner is a story of two young men growing up in complicated circumstances and facing many obstacles throughout their childhood in Afghanistan. Amir, the main character is the child of a highly respected and rich Kabul businessman named Baba. Hassan, child of Baba’s poor servant Ali, is his friend. The two boys are always together, playing and hanging out with each other, especially in the annual kite-battling tournament in Kabul. Yet in an Afghanistan divided by ethnicities, the Hazara the class that Hassan belongs does not attend school and is disliked by many of the other classes…show more content…
Yet despite his privileges, Amir above all seeks approval from his father, who feels that there is no hope of his son's inability to to perform to his own standards. Amir isn't a person who has usual talents in like sports, but he writes stories, a talent in which his dad has no interest. The skills Baba wants his son to have, is with Hassan who also has the courage that Baba was really looking forward in Amir. To win over Baba and have him all to himself, Amir finds ways to embarrass Hassan. Amir's actions and wrongful choices leads up to something he would never dream of happening. It is the need for redemption that finally draws him back to Taliban-ruled Afghanistan. After many years of safe life in California Amir decides it's time for him to go back and make everything right…show more content…
For many years there has been a huge debate whether the content in the book is suitable to be taught to schools. Many parents complain and try to keep books they don’t feel comfortable about away from their children. In one case in Reynolds High School, the book has temporarily been suspended from parent Lisa Baldwin. The parent specifies, “Its not the language in the book that should be banned it's the adult themes in the book and that it's demeaning to women.” Many parents agree the story was very well written, but the book is disturbing because it includes profanity as well as rape which is something they don’t want their children to learn or hear of. The Kite Runner is one of the novels that had many complaints in America last year. This led to the book being removed from library shelves. "While not every book is right for each reader, every reader has the right to choose reading materials for themselves and their families and should be able to find those materials in libraries, classrooms, and bookstores. Our goal is to protect one of our most precious fundamental rights - our freedom to read," said Caldwell-Stone, deputy director of the American Library Association's office for intellectual freedom, which has collected information on challenged books for the last 20 years. In China this book is being banned for Soviet Union being referenced in the book, in classrooms

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