Terrorism And Terrorism

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People are being exposed to different media sources every day, from traditional ones such as newspapers, radio or magazines to new media. Along with the development of technologies media sources have been shifting to social media, access to information has never been easier. One of the topics that gathers biggest attention of the audience is terrorism. One of the definitions of the terrorism states that it is a use of violence on innocent people in order to achieve political, ideological or religious puprposes or to promote them. Michael Jetter School of Economics and Finance at University EAFIT in Medellin, Colombia has analysed the rise of terrorist attacks from 1970 untill 2012. The report shows the number of acts of terrorism has drastically…show more content…
The definition of terrorism has been changing during the past centuries. Back in the day terror was standing for acts of violence of higher class over working class. While the world has been changing and developing, the word „terrorism“ has also developed new meanings. Main purpose of terrorism is to bring fear and spread the agenda. It could be compared to a theatre where the audience is the key element allowing its existance. without attention of the public terrorism would not exist. Their dramatic and brutal actions provide the media with material that attracts audience and get brings ratings. In this way fullfills the will of terrorists by passing the violent message to the public. 21st century allowed to media coverage to be flexible, not limited to the time or space, every event is published minutes after it occures. An example of this is the World Trade Center attack in 2001, people around the world were watching the towers collapse live on tv as when it was happening.…show more content…
Development of the social media allowed terrorists reach broader audience, live streaming of acts of terrorism such as bombings or men-slaughtering has attracted some people and convinced them to join the organizations. Social media is the most commonly used type of media so by using it terrorists have the biggest chance to recruit new members. They seek for people who are easily persuaded and likely to be brainwashed and use catchy propaganda phrases to lure them into their ideology. Media can bring the end to spreading of terrorism on social media in three ways. Firstly, it could be stopped by creating algorithms to erase terrorist oriented materials. Social media platforms have been trying to remove all pro-terrorist content from their websites but not effectively. In order for this action to achieve the platforms have to develop a tool that would detect any terrorist propaganda. Secondly, social media platforms have to start encouraging users not to post or share terrorism oriented content. Once a user is exposed to a video uploaded by a terrorist organization they should do everything in their power not to go viral. As mentioned before, attention and fear of the audience is what these organizations are expecting, the users must suppress it. Thirdly, many terrorist groups operate whithin the dark web in order to sell weapons, produce fake documents. Dark web should be analyzed in the context of terrorist

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