Douglas Coupland Super Surrealism Summary

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The article “Super-surrealism” written by Douglas Coupland discusses the modern day use of the word surreal. Coupland strongly exhibits the belief that teenagers in today’s society use surreal as a descriptive word to express something cool; perhaps a concert, or meeting someone famous. In actuality, Coupland describes surrealism as, “…images and symbols inside our brains free-associating with themselves without the burden or agenda of day-to-day consciousness” (9). Basically, it is reaching a deeper level of creativity which allows you to experience something out of this world. However, technology such as the internet or news broadcasts have dislocated our acts of thinking on a deeper level, “…We now have this thing called the Internet in…show more content…
This allows us to relate anti-surrealism with confusing stereotypes in the public because it paints a picture on how people should be. There are many movies in which African Americans are displayed as being magical. By this, I mean the character is always the side kick of the hero (the white man) and the side kick generally has some type of magical power to use in the white mans favor. Writer Rita Kempley quotes author Thomas Cripps, “Historically, if a black person is thrust into a white universe, it is inevitable that the white people will become a better person” (Kempley 311). Meaning, the black man is always somehow helping the white man succeed at something, therefore the black man is always somewhat inferior. This is not the only stereotypical evidence we acknowledge throughout the movie industry. Women are also stereotyped, they are rarely the main character in a story and their character is usually made fun of, or displayed as an embarrassment to society. “Lemon pairs blazers with jeans and converse shoes, and though she's successful in the cutthroat comedy world, she gets lettuce stuck in her hair” (Lies 266). This quote describes how one of the first women comedians dressed which implies they presented her as less feminine and embarrassed her to gain comedian appeal. Once again, society withdrawals surrealism from the equation and forces us to stereotype and profile

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