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It is funny how evolution goes. Nothing remains constant over time. Dance craves hairstyles, clothes, and even the sound of Hip-Hop changes. The cause for evolution brings about different tastes and genres, new artist, different lyrical talent, and a fresh beat. As I take a look at Hip-Hop in the 1990’s I witness the pop rhythms, the house party beats, and the greatest hits. Even though the sounds have changed 90’s hip-hop still has an impact on listeners. It even has impact on the new generation of artists. The admiration of hip-hop continued on into the years 2000. Here in 2014 the music is still popular it’s just became more innovative, seeing that fans and artists have their own ways of making it their own. Hip Hop is more than just the music; it’s a creative form of art created by blacks expressed through songs, clothes, trends, and art. In this paper I will compare and contrast the styles, the content/ the meaning behind the music, and social impact. I hope…show more content…
Songs were less about an artist’s money and ego; it was more focused on the rise to success. Don’t get me wrong the artists did rap on topics such as poverty and gang violence. It is just that Hip-Hop was telling a story. Today’s top artists rap about a little more now like shopping, sex, and the glamorous lifestyles they have since their claim to fame. Artists begin to rap on a universal level so that the chances of making it big are even higher. The 2014 hip-hop is different from ‘90s hip-hop not only because of the underlying message but also the sound of the tune. This is due to fusions or collaborations, the music duo between a hip-hop artist and someone of a different genre. When collaboration is produced a new sound is made versus ’94 music where artist sometimes rapped alone or alongside someone from the same genre, Hip-Hop. These are just some of the minor changes in hip-hop, but one may ask “what has not

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