Ashley Smith: Homicide Case

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This paper aims at discussing the results, evidence and issues identified in the police reports in regard to the homicide incident of fourteen-year-old Ashley Nicole Smith. Ashley was a fourteen-year-old girl, who was killed between 0030 to 0530 hours on 3 November 2000. Two truck drivers in the wooded area behind 9170 Old Annapolis Road found the deceased victim’s body. The responding patrol officers confirmed that she died as a result of multiple stabs on various parts of her body. In regard to this, the police launched investigations into the homicide. They established a 24- hour tip-line, which included an $8,000 reward for information about the murder. This was to provide the public with an avenue through which they could relay any related…show more content…
The laws and procedures regarding investigations of a homicide case were observed by the police officers, the detectives, the CSI unit and the other involved professionals. I also believe that the law enforcement officers legally obtained the evidence items. The appropriate warrants and affidavits were used in order to obtain all the evidence items. The Honorable Judge Diane Leasure of the circuit court for Howard County issued the warrants on 14 December 2000. In addition, all the confessions made in the course of the investigation were done in light of the suspect’s Miranda rights. No force or coercion was used to obtain confessions from the suspects. The interrogation of suspects was tape recorded for future reference and comparisons. These tape recorders were also handled with care and accorded safety. The investigators also treated the suspects fairly to a great extent. As required by the law, the interviewees and the suspects were provided with food, water and short breaks in the course of the interrogations and interviews. Interviews were conducted only when the interviewees felt ready to do so (Ashworth, Andrew & Horde…show more content…
The reporting persons were William Joseph Birmingham and Irvin Louis Fornoff. Both of them were truck drivers who worked for the Standard Medical Imaging. They were running their daily errands when they saw a large puddle of blood. The two drivers got off their vehicle and looked down the embankment. It is at this time that they discovered the partially dressed victim in the woods. They then called the police to inform them of the victim who seemed

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