Mothers By Nikki Giovanni Analysis

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Nikki Giovanni’s poem, “Mothers,” is a complex piece that presents the reader with a brilliant meaning after a deeper analysis of her words. The emotion pulsating throughout Giovanni’s poem makes it evident that the poem correlates with her own experiences, thus making it easier for readers to connect with her work. The poem recounts a memory from the speaker’s childhood and addresses the struggles the speaker’s mother faced. Readers learn of the first time she “consciously saw” her mother and the realization of the hardships the mother was suffering. The speaker then touches on the lesson she learned from this time period and the wisdom she has shared with her own child. The poet utilizes lavish techniques within her poem to enliven her words…show more content…
Giovanni writes six stanzas of poetry without the use of single period, comma, or even a semi-colon. This lack of punctuation forces one to read the poem without taking any breaks. This rambling voice of the poet resembles a story being told by a child. Besides the fact that the poem is one run-on sentence, the poet also fails to capitalize a single word in the poem. She doesn’t capitalize the first word of the poem, the word “I” or “I’m,” and even fails to capitalize proper nouns such as her street name: “burns avenue.” Giovanni’s apparent misunderstanding of the English language doesn’t mean one should deem her as unintelligent; in fact, the language she uses proves her brilliance of writing poetry. As mentioned before, the style of writing the poet uses simulates the writing of a childhood. “Mothers” is a poem that focuses on the childhood of the speaker in order to explain her ideals, so writing the entire poem in the form of a child was nothing less than ingenious. It is a known fact that a child is easily impressionable so the events of the speaker’s childhood undoubtedly affected her views for the rest of her life. To depict this woman’s thoughts as if they were a child’s validates the importance of this childhood memory for the reader and guides the reader to understanding the true intentions of Giovanni’s

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