Is Technology Making Us More Alone Essay

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Is technology making us more alone? Technology is supposed to make us feel more connected to people and to stay in touch with people. People are staring at their screens more than having face-to-face conversations. You could say that electronics are making us antisocial. People would rather be on social media more than playing a sport or being physically active. Technology is supposed to make us feel closer to each other, but actually it can make us feel more alone. Don’t get me wrong, social media is a great tool. Social media can keep you connected to people you do not see everyday. Some social media such as instagram, can give girls and boys unrealistic body images. On social media, people use apps to photoshop to make them look absolutely perfect without any blemishes or flaws. These photoshopped instagrams photos can make girls or boys insecure that can make…show more content…
When teens compare themselves to photos of others and the appearance of others’ better lives, they can experience decreased self-esteem and depression. Children with depression are at risk for social isolation. When we engage in face-to-face communication, social information is revealed by vocal and visual signs in the context of the situation. Non-verbal communication is an important part of communicating and it includes “facial expressions, eye contact, tone of voice as well as posture, space between individuals, etc.” (Knapp & Hall, 2010). Understanding the non-verbal aspects of communication is crucial because social situations “we need to modify our behavior in response to the reactions of others” (Knapp & Hall, 2010). When children use electronic communication extensively, it can reduce the face-to-face experiences necessary for them to “develop and master important social skills” (Giedd,

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