Is Google Making USupid Analysis

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Many forms of research have been done over numerous years in regards to what exactly it is that the internet is doing to our brains. The days of socialising in person or via a telephone are long gone. Times when people were left with no other choice than to read books and spend many hours in the libraries to gain knowledge are past us. Now we live in a world where information is available on demand. A world where all you have to do is press a few buttons on your smartphone to find out what is currently happening in China or what time your next bus will be. But what exactly are the effects of having more information than you can handle? And will this be a continuous process to other generations? In this essay, I plan to discuss the internet and its relationship to ‘poor memory and short concentration spans’. In the article ‘Is Google Making Us Stupid’ by Nicholas Carr, he addresses the negative ways in which…show more content…
From reading ‘Is Google Making Us Stupid’, I can agree to some degree with what Nicholas Carr is trying to get across. I disagree with his argument of deep reading. I, myself, am still capable of sitting still and reading a book from start to finish with no distractions. I believe that if you’re actually interested in what you’re reading, you will find the self-will to sit down and read it. I agree with Nicholas Carr when he says that technology has shaped our way of thinking. His use of the clock as an example really appealed to me, as I wouldn’t be consciously aware of how my life revolves around time. When I think about it, I can see how my day to day activities and thoughts are dictated by a schedule. With the endless possibilities of a computer, I find it hard to imagine how technology could not be shaping our way of thinking and also how easy it is for us to mistake information for knowledge. He sums it up when he says
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