Positive And Negative Effects Of Cotton Trade

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The Age of Exploration, that started in the 15th century and lasted until the 17th century, brought lots of trade and technology to the New World and the Old World. More specifically, the Columbian exchange brought rare resources across the Atlantic, like tobacco, cotton, corn, potatoes, sweet potatoes and livestock and sugar. Cotton was one of the most important resources both to the Americans and the Europeans. Cotton grows in climates that are warm and have long sunny periods so it was mainly grown in Asian countries like Uzbekistan, Pakistan and Turkey. But since the Ottomans (modern day Turkey and had borders with the other countries with cotton) did not want to trade with the Europeans, the people of Europe wanted there own cotton fields…show more content…
Also cotton only grew in arid and warm areas, which weren’t very abundant in Europe. Many years later, when the United States got their independence, American men took over the cotton plantations in Southern US (Georgia, Virginia, Arkansas, Kansas, Arizona, New Mexico, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Texas, Florida, Missouri, Mississippi, New Mexico and Tennessee). The cotton trade was also responsible for the Native Americans being displaced from their land and African men and women being brought to the New World as slaves to support the cotton plantations. The cotton trade impacted the United States in a more positive way than negative in the long term. This essay will closely analyze the different effects it had on the Native people, African slaves and the American industrialization and outline how the effects were more positive than…show more content…
For example the cotton trade started the Civil War and led to the bloodiest war in American history, Gettysburg where 59,000 people died and a total of 215,000 people died in the Civil War. On top of that many slaves died and were ill treated in America as well as many racist killings that even continue until today. But this experience helped America in the long run. After the Civil War, America kept expanding west until they reached the western frontier and then expanded southwards. This became known as the Wild West era, which led to the American industrial revolution. People like Carnegie, Rockefeller, oil, locomotives, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, and JP Morgan. These people formed America into the world super power that it is today. The cotton trade started the bloody, yet fast, technological and economical development that made it America. Although the negative aspects of the cotton trade were very devastating, they were essential to the growth of America as a country. Without these rough patches in the history of the United States, America would be less developed and less

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