Operation Barbarossa Impact

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Operation Barbarossa, also commonly known as Unternehmen Barbarossa, is one of the most significant military operations that was launched during World War 2. This operation that was launched 75 years ago became a historical event that has shaped our modern world and the whole history. The launching of Operation Barbarossa not only led Nazi Germany to their fall, but also impacted the mass of population globally. Operation Barbarossa was the product of Adolf Hitler’s demented plan that didn’t go as planned. The vision of Adolf Hitler to unite “superior” Aryan race by winning lebensraum or living space triggered him to launch this notorious operation (Sass). After a heavy planning and preparation that took years of propaganda, the operation…show more content…
Many expertised comments and high proficiency analysis are considered to further discuss regarding Operation Barbarossa and its impacts on Nazi Germany and our modern world. Dvorsky argues that “Hitler's invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941 proved to be his undoing, but it didn't have to unfold in the way it did”. He starts his argument by stating that Operation Barbarossa is “one of the most significant events of the Second World War, if not the most significant event”. He backs up his argument by providing many different scenarios of what could actually happen if Nazi Germany did win against Soviet Union. One of the most frightening scenarios was the arming of Nazi Germany with Soviet Union’s limitless resources and great military power. If Nazi Germany did merge power with the fallen Soviet Union, they would have likely “emerged as a superpower”, resulting in the overthrow of Great Britain, possibly also entitling of all Middle East territories. Other scenarios also include the development of nuclear weapons that could lead to Cold War with the United States and a huge progress in establishing Aryan kingdom. Dvorky affirms our worst fear that Nazi Germany could have succeed in eliminating all the Jews and Romani of Europe to win living space if they did win against Soviet Union. As one would expect, all possible scenarios could only lead to…show more content…
He moderates that Adolf Hitler had tragically miscalculated Operation Barbarossa that led to the fall of Nazi Germany. Wight convincingly states, “Never has a leader so catastrophically misjudged the character of an enemy as Hitler misjudged the Soviet Union and its people prior to launching his invasion of the country on June 22, 1941”. He believes that Hitler was wrong in underestimating the power of Soviet Union’s military force. Hitler’s underestimation in Soviet Union caused Operation Barbarossa to fail and Nazi Germany’s military power to crumble. Wight also arranges multiple scenarios that possibly could happen if Hitler had not miscalculated the power of Soviet Union. He imagines the position of Great Britain would be in if Nazi Germany did win against Soviet Union. Great Britain would have been “hopelessly isolated and left struggling to hold out even with the entry of the United States into the war” (Wight). He also imagines how Nazi Germany would have linked up with Japan in a way of providing them with natural resources needed in the Pacific. It is also reasonable for him to think that Axis allies would have arised in power due to the prominence of fascism (Wight). Lastly, Wight concludes that Operation Barbarossa played a significant role in World War 2 in both the fall of Nazi Germany and defeating fascism in

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