The Importance Of Bullying

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Bullying is an emotional draining issues which has been going on for generation after generation. Many took bullying as a non-serious issue and took light punishment or the least to provide warnings when bullying happened because it was known as mistake done even from kids to another kids. It is like having fun together not knowing that the other person (victim) is actually mentally suffering and be afraid of their surroundings. How far can bullying take place and put impact on a person? Bullying is morally unacceptable and inhumane. Although it is happening to almost everyone, not much of a punishment took place. Bullying is describe as actions that gives an emotional impact to the victims which include verbal bullying, social bullying and…show more content…
This also make bullying easier and more people are being targeted. As time changes and new technology implemented, cyber bullying has been a common issue during our current generation. Everything is done online and cyber bullying is a broad topic to discuss. Cyber bullying has an intention to hurt or embarrass an individual or a group of people. Cyber bullying take place using electronic technology such as cell phones, computers or tablets. It is in a form of communication tools like social media websites (Facebook, twitter), instant text messages (WhatsApp), chat (yahoo messages) and instant photo uploader (Instagram). Who are responsible to stop and prevent cyber bullying? Should the parents or teachers take actions to stop cyber bullying? In Singapore, should the government make cyber bullying a criminal…show more content…
It went beyond from the general term of bullying with the different types of cyber bullying. There is harassment, cyber stalking, outing and flaming. Harassment involves bullies sending offensive messages targeted to an individual or group. This happens when messages being send at odd timing of the day and night; including rude messages, insulting messages and unwanted photos. Cyber stalking is another form of harassment that post or send intimidating messages which may include threats. Outing is usually messages that contains sensitive personal information or images that are sexual in nature. Flaming is intense argument which often uses offensive or rude languages and capital letters along with images to add emotional intensity and anger to the messages. This usually takes place in chat rooms, instant messages or

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