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American Education System Although I agree with Bob Compton’s point in the documentary film Two Million Minutes: A Case In Point that Americans are lazy and should spend a little more time on their studies instead of spending it on going to parties and other social activities, I do not believe that students in other countries are doing better than we are. I believe that all countries need some work and none of them are perfect. Our work needed might just be in different areas. It is important to be well-rounded instead of solely being book smart. In the hour-long documentary produced by American capitalist Bob Compton, it compares high school students from three different countries: America, China, and India. It shows the differences in study habits and how much we value our education. His mission is “to show the need for Americans to catch up with the rest of the world in academic learning or suffer the grievous consequences” (Labaree 29). The documentary talks about how Americans are falling behind in the race for the most…show more content…
I believe that it is also just as important to have social skills as it is to be book smart. You will need good social skills for basically any job you have and the ability to communicate with other people is very important. For example, the students in China said that they went to school, went home and studied or would practice some instrument for hours. They said that they would rarely hang out with friends, maybe once or twice a year. In addition, the kids from India and China said that what they studied was determined because it is what their parents wanted them to do or because it will allow them to make a lot of money. I think that it is very important to enjoy what you do because it is something you will probably be doing for the rest of your

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