Importance Of Teaching Grammar

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Why teach grammar Introduction We will be looking at the never ending debate on whether explicit or implicit instruction of grammar is needed when learning a language. One side arguments that it is very important for SL learners to learn grammar explicitly to understand the syntax and morphology as it forms a framework for them to build the language around. They argue that learning a language implicitly prohibits the ability to produce new sentences and impedes the learner’s growth. The other side argues that language is acquired through real life situations or experiences. It is felt that grammar is learnt implicitly when there is a need or an interest to learn the language. Learning the rules through explicit instruction improves…show more content…
The fossilization Argument vs The Acquisition Argument The fossilization argument argues that students reach a plateau without the explicit knowledge of the rules of the language. It has been said that for SL learners to reach higher levels of proficiency in a language that they need to know and understand the framework of the language. Therefore, in order to go beyond the basic linguistically competency learners should be taught the language rules. The acquisition argument argues that language learning is not of use for real communication. Krashin describes the difference between language learning and language acquisition. He feels that the acquisition of a language is a natural process and therefore more successful whereas language learning is a result of formal institutions and is of no use for real conversation. The differences pointed out, the for argument states that SL learners would not be able to expand their language skills abilities if they do not understand the rules in contrast to the Krashin where he feels language learning is a natural…show more content…
Grammar instruction fosters language acquisition through its delayed effect as it raises the learner’s awareness. Natural order argument states that learners are born with a Universal Grammar (Chomsky). This (innate Universal Grammar) helps to explain similarities in the developmental order of the first and the second language acquisition, which is different to the order in which grammatical items are presented in most textbooks. This argument could also be called “the obsolete approach to teaching grammar as the order in which grammar is taught needs to be revised. The first argument emphasizes that grammar is a pre-requisite for the language acquisition of a second language , where as the other side feels that all learners both L1 and L2 learners are born with an innate universal grammar ability. The rule of law argument vs The knowledge-how argument The rule of law feels that grammar provides a structured environment for learning to take place and that it helps to evaluate what has been learnt. It provides a foundation for order and discipline for both the teachers and the students in learning

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