The Importance Of Menstruation

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Globally, approximately 52% of the female population (26% of the total population) is of reproductive age. Most of these women and girls will menstruate each month for between two and seven days. Menstruation is an integral and normal part of human life, indeed of human existence, and menstrual hygiene is fundamental to the dignity and wellbeing of women and girls and an important part of the basic hygiene, sanitation and reproductive health services to which every woman and girl has a right. Hygiene-related practices of adolescents during menstruation are of importance, as it has a health impact in terms of increased vulnerability to reproductive tract infections (RTI). Therefore, increased knowledge about menstruation right from childhood…show more content…
Menstruation is not the matter of shame but each and every girl should be proud of being able to menstruate. They are considered impure, unclean, and unfit for the public and are often restricted to practices regular activities during their period. This perception leads in exacerbating the lack of washing and bathing facilities, materials and space that help adolescent girls in school to manage the menstrual discharge with dignity and safety even though they have adequate knowledge regarding menstrual hygiene. Sanitation and Hygiene facilities should be available within school premises so that girls can be assure of being safe and healthy in terms of menstrual…show more content…
This study revealed that 67.5% of girls were aware about menstruation. Mother was the main source of information regarding menstruation in case of 37.5% girls. Only 11.5% of girls used sanitary pads and 97.5% of girls used both soap and water for cleaning purposes. There were restriction practices in 85% of girls during menstruation.10 A cross sectional study was conducted on knowledge and practice regarding menstruation hygiene among rural and urban adolescent girls in Udupi taluk, Manipal, India in 550 school going adolescent girls aged 13-16 years 270 were from urban and 280 were from rural area in which 34% participants were aware about menstruation hygiene prior to menarche and mother was the main source of information among both the groups.11 A descriptive research design was used for the study on Menstruation knowledge and coping strategies of early adolescent: A school based interventional study with the sample of 61 girls from grade 8 using census method. Results showed that 39% of them would not do anything during menstruation,31% stayed in bed,16% resorted for home remedies and 7% for self medication as coping strategies during

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