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Abstract In this thesis, we will investigated how teaching grammar in the foreign classroom that divided into four main characteristic elements which are, writing, reading, speaking and listening. In order to get the best result of learning grammar in the class environment we should consider all of the elements and assimilate the information according to the priority that we give to each process. Then, we will analyze in linguistic point of view and try to find the best way to explain the concept of grammar in English. In fact , there will be another section which deal with the Necessity of Grammar Teaching including the essential part of teaching grammar and the need of learning…show more content…
The authors extensively discuss how English Foreign Language contexts differ from English Second Language contexts; thus, this chapter provides an abundance of useful information for prospective English teachers abroad. With some shortcomings, this book is highly recommended to both SLA researchers and practitioners. The book covers important concepts of SLA overall and nicely tie them to appropriate and useful grammar pedagogies. The Book also provides knowledge on how teaching in 2nd language classrooms should be taught using evidence, And theoretical principles. 1. 1…show more content…
This order may not be the same, however, because of the differences in grammatical features of the diverse human languages. Further research needs to be done so that these natural orders can be discovered and utilized in the teaching of foreign languages. Originally, my research was to include these other natural orders, but I was unable to find any research pertaining to the languages I was studying. So I decided to focus instead on the way grammar is taught in general in classrooms and how it is presented in

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