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Importance of Steve Jobs on Apple Inc. Apple as a worldwide known American brand came out when Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, two Steves of Apple, met in 1970. Steve Jobs came to the company that Wozniak was working on a personal computer to intern. They made their first joint project together there in that summer; Apple 1. After 6 years from that summer in 1976 they founded the Apple Inc. together. In 1977 the company became incorporated. They worked 17 years together until the accident Wozniak had, so they separated in 1987. And till Jobs die company reached the value of $329.57b. As a brain of %50 of company when jobs dies eventually things have changed on the side of apple. But his ideas were strong enough to continue the life of the Apple…show more content…
They were seeing Jobs as perfection maniac, duo to his drive for perfection. Some were saying his attention to detail and some kind of controller character of him were his fortes on the other hand, for some these were his biggest flaws. Anyway he ended up leaving the company with selling his part of the company for $6.5 million. It is Steve Jobs, he had to do something rivalling, so he did not leave the company without a B plan. “NeXT Inc.” that was his plan. NeXT Inc. was a company that benefits with schools. Jobs went to schools and examined what they need, what the main purpose of computer systems should be. He made computer systems for them and he had old fellows from Apple Inc. who joined him. Apple Inc. sued him for stealing employees, but that case closed with no money spending from the side of Jobs. In the meantime, he was away from the Apple Inc. Steve Jobs bought Pixar Animation Studios from George Lucas. With the great decrease of Apple Inc. in the absence of Steve Jobs there was no way then calling Steve Jobs back to the Apple Inc. Though Steve Jobs had left the company many years ago he still had stocks in the company, and he was kind of a supervisor there. Three CEOs after the Jobs’ leaving literally and economically reached rock bottom with $2 each. They all compelled to…show more content…
finally bought NeXT Inc. in 1996 for $400 million then apple left their old school operation systems and continued with NeXT’s one called NeXT OS then NeXT OS became the daily MAC OS X which Macs are installed on. Steve Jobs became the CEO of Apple Inc. Other problems pop out with the rivals in Jobs’ second time. Apple had begun to struggle, mainly because of the being unable to challenge with other firms which used Intel chips and Microsoft programs. They were so popular on the marketplace in the absence of Apple Inc. Company’s loss was nearly $2 billion in just two years. Steve Jobs found a way to increase the value of the Apple brand. “Partnership with Microsoft” Jobs announced in 1997: “Apple Inc. would enter a partnership with Microsoft. Involving a five-year obligation from Microsoft to publish Microsoft Office for Macintosh along with $150 million investment in Apple.” Moreover, Internet Explorer was going to be the default web browser of the Macintosh. Steve Jobs exactly said to his way to gain the value strategy: “for Apple to win, Microsoft has to lose.” New products had come with the return of him too. Company started to develop and improve much more products. To start the revelation, Jobs decreased the models first, and made just one iMac model. That was his strategy; “user-friendly products”. He canceled the licenses of third-party developers in order that Macintosh reproductions could not be produced

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