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Introduction Steve Ells is an American businessman who is very inspiring for many Entrepreneurs and this paper discusses his project management style. Back in 1993, Steve decided to start his own business and ended up founding Chipotle Mexican Grill. The Chipotle chain now comprises of over 1500 branches and no franchises at all. The total assets of Steve Ells are evaluated to be $200 million making him the biggest shareholder of this business. One of the main reason for Steve’s success is that he gives importance to his customers and serves quality food. Steve also cares about the environment and animals around him therefore, he emphasizes upon natural raising of meat instead of using any specific drugs. A survey depicts that this idea of…show more content…
In 1992, when Steve Ells was employed at a restaurant he decided to establish his own company and started to find investors that could help him establish his business. Steve figured it out that if he sells 100 burritos a day it would result in profit to the organization, but the restaurant turned out to be a huge success and the sale was raised to 1000 burritos a day. After observing this success, Steve realized that he could establish a chain all over the world therefore, instead of being overwhelmed with this response he started planning the future. After opening three branches he decidedto form a board of directors which would result in bringing additional investors as well as it will expand the business. Chipotle Mexican Grill went through a swift expansion and soon became a national brand. The only reason for not giving away any franchises is that every Chipotle branch is opened according to a specific plan and standard that has been chosen by Steve and he never comprises on it. First step of the plan is to select a general manager from that place where they are about to start a new branch. He should be trained well and made familiar with the rules and regulations of the…show more content…
For managers, chances that form into authentic dangers or risk can prompt fizzled projects. Therefore, risk management is an essential thing to account for before any change and Steve has always managed risks proficiently. In association with McDonald’s Chipotle expanded a lot and became a brand as well but there was always a risk in this association as well. When McDonald’s showed such interest it was clear that they had planned something big which was revealed later that they wanted to start co-branded franchises McDonald’s-Chipotle restaurants, but Steve kept rejecting them because he never wanted any cooperation franchise. Steve was aware of this risk at the time of association but at that time all agreed that this risk is worth taking in order to make Chipotle a national brand. This risk was there because both the companies totally enjoyed different culture, different type of customers and different type of restaurant atmosphere as well. Steve took another risk when he started to serve food with integrity campaign because naturally grown meat takes more time as compared to the one grown with the help of medicines. However, Steve has taken the risk and has managed it very well so

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