Critical Success Factors Of Apple

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“A sly rabbit will have three openings to its den” it’s an old traditional Chinese proverb. The same applies to strategy. In this fast growing and dynamically changing business world a single strategic plan won’t suffices lifetime for any industry. To be strategic means to have a foresight. Defining an objective and achieving it by going against the hurdles. It is difficult for an organisation to foresee into the future in this rapidly changing business world, problems such as globalisation, rigid organisational structures, new regulations every now and then, complex alliance and partnership. There are many different definitions for strategy. What I understand about Strategy is that it’s a long term directive to an organisation. Corporate…show more content…
Critical Success Factors refers to the limited number of resources or areas in which a satisfactory result will lead to successful competitive performance for the individual, departments or an organisation. Critical Success Factors plays a crucial role to a strategist in planning strategy for the organisation. Different industries will have different critical success factor CSF. Unique Design Capability: Apple came up with unique design in the market after a very long time with a touch screen and pad. Since then Apple’s design have constantly attracted customers be iPad, iPhone, iPod has dragged customers through there looks too. And been step ahead of its competitors. Researcher and Development: Apply has one of the finest research and development departments. A separate building Infinite Loop Campus is established by Apple for research and development…show more content…
First is Business Model were not used before, it started after the boom of dot com in 2000 as investors are keen to know how the business is going to ensure its income source. Next is Process Innovation, it is the heart of the company all the activities in the organisation takes place in and around the process innovation. Third is Product Innovation, it is the result of process innovation but most people see it as the only type of innovation. Whenever a new product is launched successfully the other competitors starts finding different ways to make that at lower rates. So the fast mover have to derive process innovation faster and further to lower costs. The last one is Service innovation, it accounts to more than 50% of the developed country from banking to retail to telecom etc. since long term companies shifts from product base company to service based company. Apple is best example. Apple produces wide range of products that are successful in market still it’s into service which is very successful. Product and service innovation are direct market

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