Harrison Bergeron, Jury Of Her Peers And Hills Like White Elephants

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Steve Jobs is a perfect example of individualism in American. He risked everything he had and uses is individual genius, hard work, and commitment to create one of the most successful electronic companies ever. American is countries know to have many individual who thrive. Just like in these four short stories “Harrison Bergeron,” “Everyday Use,” “Jury of Her Peers,” and “Hills Like White Elephants” the main characters try to become individuals. Although not all American literature expresses the importance of individuality, this idea became relevant during historical times of oppression by people and the government. American literature celebrates individuality as an essential aspect of American identity. In Vonnegut’s short story, “Harrison Bergeron,” the main character, Harrison, unsuccessfully attempts to be an individual by breaking away from and rejecting his dystopian society. “Harrison Bergeron” takes place in 2081, and the government believes that society will…show more content…
Individuality is very important quality to have in society. I showed individuality in 6th grade when I was switching soccer teams. My AYSO soccer team was a good team, but our major strength was the chemistry we had. Everyone on the team were best friends and got along super well. The next season our team decided switch from AYSO and create a new club soccer team. During that time I tried out for a different and much better club team. I made that team and had a decision to stay with all of my friends or move to a better team. I chose to be an individual and move to the better team where I did not know any kids. The first few weeks were more difficult than they would have been on the team when I knew kids, but I soon made good friends and was happy with my decision. Sometime being an individual means that you have to sacrifice a commodity, such as friends for your ultimate

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